Picking the Perfect Rug

Picking the perfect area rug can be easy if you narrow it down to a few main factors. Figure the style of carpet that best suits your situation, figure the space that you have to work with and furniture layout, and then what shape may best suit your existing design aesthetic. Consider ways you can make your carpet stand out (or blend in depending on your goal). It all begins with the style of carpet that you choose.

Carpet Styles

There are some styles of carpet to consider when choosing a rug. Here is a list of some of the basics along with some features and benefits for each:
Cut pile: (plush) These are the feel-good-under-foot carpets that add some comfort and warmth to a home. Picture a family movie night where at least half of you end up on the floor because the carpet is like a cloud of silk pillows that you are dying to sink into. These come in myriad colors of solid, fleck, tonal or tweed so it’s easy to choose a color that fits your design. The pile height varies as well from a tight pulled-in construction all the way to a shaggy 70’s style tall pile. Cut piles are some of the most economical carpets- great options for those on a budget!
Loop pile: (“Berber”)- These traditional styles hail from the original European wool loop carpets but are now any fiber type in a loop construction. These styles are durable and Rustic- perfect for covered patios and stair runners, they lend a textural outdoorsy feel to the indoors and can add a unique flair to any home. Price varies but these tend to be on the economical side – with the exception of certain fibers such as wool or sisal.
Cut and Loop: or “LCL (Level Cut and Loop)” construction is a marriage of plush and loop. You have the benefit of some nice hand (the feel of the carpet) and the durability that is desired for applications where there is a lot of foot traffic. Most often you will find interesting patterns and textures in LCL carpets, and these styles tend to make for fantastic visuals in stair runners. These LCL styles vary highly in price.
Wool: Wool carpets can be found in loop, plush and LCL construction. Wool offers the aesthetic of nature with it’s subdued and earthy color palette and it’s matte finish natural fiber. Wool is moisture absorbing (hydrophyllic) and cleans easily. Wool tends to be some of the more expensive fibers.


After you select your perfect carpet the next step is choosing what shape you like. You can use the basic shapes: square, rectangle, oval and circle. You can use a strange shape: wavy, trapezoid, parallelogram, hexagon, triangle. Or you can use a custom shape to specifically fit your exact room. This is usually done by on-site measuring to create a template. See some examples on this website of the various shapes we have done. Don’t forget we can radius the corners of any sharp edge to create a softer, more traditional feel.


The tape is chosen by custom rugs to coordinate with your carpet colors. You have the option of selecting whether the color contrasts or compliments.

Tape is chosen based on two factors- design and price. The following tapes are offered:

Polyester– most area rugs you see in flooring stores or samples of carpet on a carpet display will show you the polyester bound edge. This is the most economical of all edging but the least durable.

Serge-Serge yarn is wound around the edge of the carpet to protect the raw edge. This is a much more traditional look and is considered a step up from a basic polyester edge. Serge comes in many colors including tweed multi-colors. This is the basic mid-level price option.

Wool Serge– Wool serge yarn is used with other natural fiber carpets. These are special order based and will be color coordinating to your area rug.

Cotton– cotton tapes are offered in any width, starting with a ¼” reveal all the way up to a 4” reveal. Almost any color is available (see color palette). Cotton tapes are much more durable than serge and polyester and tend to be more expensive.


The latex used to adhere carpet backings is quite abrasive. You don’t want your area rug to scratch up the subfloor underneath. Protect your floor! Backings are a necessary part of the area rug selecting process and should be considered. The following are options for carpet backing:

Loose lay felt/rubber pad: This is the ideal backing for those that was a little extra cushion underneath their rug. For better feel under foot and anti-slip qualities use this backing.

Felt: felt is the only backing that is adhered and sewn directly onto the back and into the rug. Felt offers your floor protection- we use only the thickest and highest quality felt on the market. Felt only is not recommended for smaller rugs (under 8X10 or if furniture sits atop) because it doesn’t stick to the floor.

Rubber: Use rubber- cut and glued to the back of the area rug- for supreme anti-slip. Your carpet won’t go anywhere using this stuff!